Veterans Blend Coffee

Our coffee was specially crafted with our Veterans in mind. We know that a good cup of coffee would remind our deployed of home- and that is what we at Drive By Blessings specialize in, bringing our Veterans all the comforts of HOME!
Proceeds from sales of our Veterans Blend coffee will directly benefit Drive By Blessings and the Mana House Veterans we serve.
But, we also want to proudly share our rich, fresh roasted coffee with our troops! We will be promoting coffee sales so that you, your family, or your company, can purchase and sponsor a bag of our coffee and attach a personalized supportive message. Then, we will give your donated Veterans Blend bag to Boots in the House – for them to send off in care packages to our brave deployed.
Your bag of coffee, and written support, will be greatly appreciated by our troops. And your support of Drive By Blessings and the Veterans we love and serve, will be greatly appreciated as well. Which, should make each cup of Veterans Blend coffee taste that much better!
Please come back to our page to look for updates on how and where you can purchase your bag of our Veterans Blend coffee!