Mathew Mixon

Last week we had the pleasure of moving in Mathew Mixon and his 4 daughters who lost their mother suddenly to cancer. Both Mathew and the girls mother both served in the US Marines for 4 and 8 years.


We also had the pleasure of having our new Volunteer Blair Hawes come and take some amazing pictures. I think she was able to capture the essence of why we do what we do and the pleasure it brings all of us.


Unfortunately Mathew became ill and wasn't able to be there for the reveal but a friend brought the girls and the pleasure and delight in their eyes was, as always, the best part of it all!


Again, many thanks to Blair for her professionalism and amazing photos that captured the spirit of what we do. Also to our many wonderful volunteers and a special community for their selflessness and generosity of many donations. We couldn't do this without any of you -Samantha