Army Veteran Stephanie Roberts

Today Drive By Blessings was able to move Army Veteran Stephanie Roberts and her 3 children into their home. You've done it again, ATAS.


I post this on here because I know many of you will see your former belongings now being enjoyed by this very deserving family. Stephanie has a traumatic story, one that left her living in her car until she could find placement at UMOM. While living in the 1 bedroom apartment, she slept on the sofa, so her kids could have the bed. 


Jaelyn is her oldest daughter - we locked her out of the room until it was finished so you are seeing her see it for the first time. She is so happy with what we've been able to give to her, thanks to all of you.


You are also seeing Mana House veteran Kevin Denley, who is a lead volunteer now with Drive By Blessings, and his crazy antics, And, a bag of ice hanging out of my pants because my back hurt:) 
Overall we LOVE being able to do this, but recognize that we couldn't, without your support.


MANY MORE VETERANS are waiting for our help but lack of storage and trucks are preventing us from reaching them. From all of us and Stephanie Roberts - THANK YOU