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Our organization is committed to helping Veterans transitioning from homelessness, by providing them with furniture and family support. Our mission to is serve those who served us first - and serving others is the premise upon which Drive By Blessings was founded! 2 young boys who developed PTSD wanted to start a company that helped the homeless, as a way to help themselves heal. Their efforts not only forged a personal path to healing and finding purpose from their pain, it also birthed a nonprofit organization that evolved into a powerful mission that transforms Veterans lives and also, the children and families who volunteer and serve them.


With our furniture support we provide Veterans with a home they can feel proud of and thrive in, delivered and set up by our volunteers who greatly enjoy blessing a Veteran with the comforts of home they otherwise could not expect. We also leave our Veterans with cleaning supplies, paper products, hygiene items and food when available - and, a Welcome Home sign signifying to each Veteran that they now have a home here, with the Drive By Blessings family.

Our Family support provides continual well checks, invitations to organized peer support events, volunteer opportunities, recreational therapy programs and additional support services referrals to our Veterans, helping to ensure their success over homelessness and produce healing and purpose in their lives, too. Please click below on GET INVOLVED to support our efforts.


After 1 year in operation, Drive By Blessings fully furnished homes for 40 Veterans, utilizing over 270 volunteers, (many of them being children), and had a 100% success rate in preventing return homelessness. We've helped 5 Veterans obtain employment, placed 4 Veterans in housing, and have even seen depression and other emotional health symptoms our Veterans suffered from, be greatly relieved. Our work, while powerful and greatly needed, has been only been possible because of the generous support from our volunteers and donors.  Our purpose and healing, has only been found,  through our passion to serve those who served us first.

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